I work with people who are responsible for high profile, high impact teams or projects. I show you how you can lead with ease, and thrive — at work and in your private life. 


If you feel overbooked and undervalued, stressed and isolated as a leader and change maker, I can help. 


Together, we'll create your personal strategy blueprint. We'll clarify your vision for your work and personal success. You'll discover tools that help you take decisive action, manage consequences, and craft a path to make your vision a reality. And you'll be supported along the way.


If you’re ready to lead boldly, ignite change and accelerate success, let’s talk.


Benefits of coaching:


  • Greater clarity about goals

  • Increased capacity to focus

  • Understanding your strengths and blocks

  • New approaches to manage complexity

  • More energy and enjoyment

  • Greater resilience

  • Better results faster and easier

  • More control over your time and your calendar

  • More meaning and impact


Leaders who coach with me strengthen their ability to build and guide strong teams, and manage change; to shift their mindset, to blend their personal and professional lives in a way that supports their goals and dreams. Whether you are building a new business, stepping up to a new role, building a new initiative, or finding a way to move from a plateau to the next step toward your legacy, it helps to have a partner – for accountability, for strategy and for celebration.