Here's what clients have to say:

"Ms. Jakopic epitomizes excellence as a consultant and analytic strategist.  She always is well-informed and well-prepared for high-pressure challenges.  She provided high-quality, forward looking assistance to my senior executive team in designing and implementing major initiatives.  


Her skills as a plenary session keynote speaker, trainer with large and small groups and as a workshop leader for day-long/multi-day intensive sessions are first rate.  She understands and is sensitive to the needs of the groups she works with.  She consistently inspires her audiences and she has a kind, gentle sense of humor.  The CAP nationwide membership of nearly 1,000 nonprofit,  municipal, and statewide anti-poverty repeatedly requested Julie as a trainer and speaker."


-Don Mathis, Executive Director, Community Action Partnership

"Change is never an easy thing and having a resource to help as you transition in your career is so valuable. Many will tell you what they think is best, but Julie found a way to make me see the best in myself and use it. Julie has a way of truly transforming one's own perspective to achieve positive results. During my career transition, I would have a conversation with Julie about the overwhelming task in front of me and by the time I hung up from our call, I had come up with ways to move forward and developed short- and long-term strategies and activities. I firmly recommend Julie as a trainer and coach."


-Melissa Feld, Manager, Executive Office and Governance at NASW



You were wonderful!  The participants loved working with you!  You had them engaged the entire time (in a room that was either too hot or too cold).  I may have been behind the scenes and often out of sight, but I was listening and observing and when they came out of that program this afternoon, they were all beaming. Many of those participants have never attended a leadership program and some of them come from countries where there are no opportunities for women to participate in leadership training, so this was an exciting opportunity for them and I'm sure that they gained some confidence and courage about their own ability to lead, in the future. Thank you again for sharing your extensive experiences and your advice.  The program was a huge success and you played such an important role in this!


-Pat Gordon, Leadership Development Coordinator, Northern Virginia Community College

 "I've seen Julie work in a variety of settings: speaker, coach, facilitator, team builder. Her integrity and authenticity infuse everything that she does. She is creative, strategic and resourceful at getting to the core of an issue and helping me take action within my values to achieve results. She listens well and then analyzes; she couples deep commitment and powerful questions to support you in moving beyond the box to innovative solutions."


-Rob Krupicka, experienced facilitator, partnership builder and strategic planner/citizen Legislator

"Working with Julie has been a fantastic experience. She is a superb leadership and executive coach and mentor, brimming with insight, creativity and encouragement. I have enjoyed every minute of working with her as a career coach and I recommend her very highly. I am grateful for her advice and also for her ability to harness my own ability to recognize my own potential."


- Peg Willingham, Head of Advocacy and Policy, HarvestPlus





“As an aspiring entrepreneur, I connected with iLead Strategies to help me as I developed my business. In our work together, I’ve been constantly challenged to explore, probe, and clarify the path and choices I’m creating through my company. This has also allowed me to grow personally in unexpected and immeasurable ways; and as a result, I have become more confident and focused in pursuing my dreams.”


-Danielle White Prendergast, PhD & Founder of Policy by Design, LLC