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Julie is a powerful motivational speaker who is trusted to inspire audiences to lead boldly, accelerate change, and ignite success for themselves, their teams, and their organizations. A thought leader and master storyteller, she connects powerfully and purposefully with participants from all walks of life. Julie brings her credibility and experience to catalyze positive transformation for audiences of all shapes and sizes: men and women; small to massive; tactical  trainings to innovation summits. She will work with you to craft an unforgettable and participatory event that reinforces your objectives, delivers fresh, actionable content, and engages and entertains.


Workshop and Keynote topics include:


  • Beyond Sustainability: Creating Resilient Organizations

  • Leading for Results: Coaching Skills for Leaders at Every Level

  • Don’t Await It, Create It

  • Neuropsychology of Success or 5 Games to Play for a Happier Longer Life 

  • TAP IT – A Model for Successful Advocacy and Sales 

  • Successfully Competing for Funding

  • Leadership Lessons I Learned Underwater

  • Powerful Presence - Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Recognized.

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